Choose Your Nonprofits Wisely

People support nonprofits for many different reasons, but how many people expect anything from the nonprofits they support? I have noticed that a greater number of people give time and/or money to a nonprofit than those who expect those nonprofits to be good stewards of that time and money. All resources are limited, so maximizing the effect and impact that each one has upon the goals and objectives of the organization is important... or at least it should be.

If Michael gives $100 to an autism organization and they use it to plan an event designed to raise funds so they can plan another fundraiser... but they never break the cycle to provide a product or service of actual value to the autism community, is Michael really helping the community? Not at all. In fact, I'd say he is hurting it. That's $100 that could have gone to a different organization that provides free counseling to families and individuals affected by autism, but instead was lost in a perpetual fundraising cyclone of waste.

Too often we assume that nonprofit status is indicative of trustworthiness and credibility. We assume that by giving to an organization with the keyword of our cause, we have done our good deed. I say we should give a damn about how that money or how our time is spent. If an organization raises $60,000 and awards three $1,000 scholarships but provides no other assistance to the community it serves, is that really anything worth applauding? No. Supporting such an organization is nothing short of condoning its irresponsibility.

Nonprofit status is NOT indicative of goodwill. Before you donate, volunteer or support a nonprofit, please choose an organization that is responsible, professional and trustworthy. Choose an organization that is efficient and will effectively serve those whom you intend to help.