Hemophilia PSA: Dillinger

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with my son, Dillinger, to produce a Public Service Announcement about hemophilia. It was a last-minute visit, so we didn't plan the PSA. It rained on Saturday, but the weather looked good Sunday, so we went to the park across the street to shoot Dillinger's stand-up shots. The footage of him self-infusing I shot in July while on vacation. I also used a photo from a year ago when we had to take Dillinger to the hospital for a bleed in his leg. Dillinger learned his script less than half an hour. He was great. We faced an unusual obstacle in the way of an air show. The only sunny day was the day of a huge air show, so jets were flying by every few minutes and we'd have to wait because it was very loud. Even so, it took us only 12 minutes to shoot the PSA. I am very pleased considering it was unplanned and we were limited by the weather and air show. Dillinger did a great job.