Keeping Up

I have been experimenting with my new camera.

I am working on several projects at once. I am editing footage I shot with my new T2i from my family's Easter. I think I have a reason to use split screen at a point in this project. My kids and their cousins found a turtle and I captured footage of the turtle walking, as well as the kids' reactions. I think this would be great as a split screen with the kids looking in the direction of the screen showing the turtle. Alone, each of these shots would be boring, but I think as a split screen it can capture the excitement and wonder they experienced and the viewer will be able to see what they were excited about.

I am also shooting a couple of career profiles (video portrait style) that I hope will show students what production jobs are like.
(609:Project 4) I'm profiling Gabe Juhnke, the Production Manager at KPTS, and (609:Project 5) Stacey Jenkins, a producer at KPTS. I am shooting on my T2i and have already started collecting footage. I took my camera to work and got some shots in the control room during the production of Ask Your Legislator. I'd like to get shots of each of them performing various aspects of their jobs: directing in the control room, shooting in the field, editing and directing personnel. I also plan to use some of KPTS's footage in my edit.

I am also planning a video portrait (609:Project 6) of my other boy who has hemophilia. He is 8 and self-infuses... meaning he sticks the needle in himself and is learning to give his own meds. This will be the focus of this video and I may again employ split screen to show him infusing on one screen and on the other (or others) I'd like to show some ways in which he lives a normal life: playing soccer, at the playground, going to school...

I finished editing my Center of Hope video. I'm not completely satisfied with it. I wish I could have captured more shots, but some things were out of my control and I had to work with what I had. Despite this, I learned how to import alpha channels from Photoshop and I was able to experiment with text motion graphics. I wish I had time to experiment with AfterEffects, but not yet.

Anyway, I'm busy... and this is why I have been neglecting my blog.