Just Do Something

OK!  I have been collaborating on a project and I am waiting on audio, so I have become very bored.  I finally decided to just do something.  I didn't want to plan and shoot, then edit, so I decided to dig through the home video archive.  I found some video from a trip Amber and I took to Hollywood and Santa Monica.  I didn't shoot this video to ever be edited.  Honestly I just kinda left the camera on while we did stuff and occasionally stopped to get a shot.  None of it was framed or planned to be used for anything other than remembering our trip with raw footage.  Not sure why I wanted to use this footage, but I think I wanted to see if I could make a decent edit with not-so-great footage.  I wanted to have a montage of quick cuts mixed in, also.  I also had to find a way to transition from day to night shots.  I'm typing this as some video renders, so I will finish it and post it soon.