ESC Merit Awards

I have been really busy lately and did not get to submit anything for merit awards. I have been re-designing my site from a mere blog to an effective portfolio to direct potential employers to. This new site features a home page with a bio, a resume page, a video portfolio page, a design portfolio page, my blog page and a page with a form to contact me. I learned more HTML and CSS than I ever cared to learn, but I believe the site is an effective form of communication. I even created a favicon for the bookmark and address bars, as well as an iPod/iPhone icon to display if iPhone users add my site to their homescreen. I can't help it that I am very detail-oriented.

Anyway, I was bummed that I did not get to submit anything for the merit awards, but I decided that I'd rather have a solid portfolio that shows employers my skills rather than a piece of paper that claims I have them. Not to write-off merit awards... I am merely saying I had only enough time to dedicate to one pursuit, so I chose my portfolio. Good luck to everyone who submitted entries. I will be attending the ceremony on May 11th and look forward to seeing who receives the awards.