Hemaware Adds My Life With Hemophilia Video to Site

The National Hemophilia Foundation launched a new site for their publication Hemaware this month and they asked me if they could post my video to the site. I am very happy that a project I had almost given up on took a turn for the better and has reached so many people. My hope was to raise awareness of hemophilia by showing how it affects a person in one specific way. I would like to produce many more in a series that highlights the impact it has on specific aspects of a hemophiliac's (or caregiver's) life. I am very excited that Hemaware liked it and posted it to their site for more people to see. On a technical note, I noticed that the video was sized much smaller and compressed even more, so when you click full-screen it is bad quality, but I understand they must consider file size and space on their servers.

I have also been asked to allow the Hemophilia Federation of America to post it on their site and am working those details out now. Hopefully it will be on their site very soon and the video gets the exposure I had hoped for.

I appreciate everyone's feedback and help with promoting this video. You can see it at the following links: