Triste (The Final Cut)

I tried to add a white vignette and some filters to give my dream sequence a whimsical feel, but without success. I even created a white vignette as a graphic in photoshop, but even though I matched the pixel resolution, FCExpress cut the top and bottom of it (ruining the blur). The effects were freezing up during playback, so I ditched them. I finally gave up and used a black vignette over a desaturation filter during the dream sequence. I also grouped those shots and cut the guitar, so hopefully it communicates my concept better.
Here is the final cut:

Triste (Final Cut) from Mark Kenny on Vimeo.

A short, silent film (no dialogue) inspired by the lyrics:
My life is endless burning
on a thousand dead desires.
It is about how people dream of becoming many great things in life, but usually end up doing something quite different. I decided to tell it from the perspective of a tree. He wanted to be a bat, or a fence, or even a bench... but he was cut down and burned to ashes instead.
I grouped the dream shots and put a vignette over desaturated video to make this footage distinct from "reality." I also cut 14 seconds... including the beautiful guitar.
The music featured is titled "Love Theme" by Daniel Bautista, courtesy of