My Life With Hemophilia Video

I uploaded a video portrait of my 5-year-old son, Brandston.  He has severe hemophilia with inhibitors and receives infusions at least every other day.  This past week he received an infusion every six hours.  It was a rough week.  Besides the stress associated with my kid going through all this and not being able to play, I got real sick and didn't get to do something special with my valentine, Amber.  I had originally planned to tell a story from Amber's perspective as a caregiver, but when I reviewed my footage I didn't like the way the interview footage looked.  It was typical and boring, so I decided to let Brandston tell his story about getting infusions.

My Life With Hemophilia: Brandston (Enhanced Audio) from Mark Kenny on Vimeo.
This is a video portrait of my 5-year-old son, Brandston. He has severe hemophilia A with inhibitors and this is just a glimpse of what life is like for him.
The music featured is "Ceremony" by New Order, and is available for download from iTunes.
The audio has been enhanced for the comfort of your ears.
I was inspired by the videos I watched for our silent film projects.  I particularly wanted to use the Joelseph "interior POV" shot.  I liked the way he put the camera in the luggage (and trunk) in his first video.  I decided to do that in this video when Amber was pulling meds out of the drawer.  I also liked the way Jake mixed up his shots in his video, so I used that as inspiration when shooting this project and I ended up with some good options.  I couldn't resist the Rik Dubiel "over the coffee mug" shot that he showed the class in his coffee video, so I used it to look down over the drawer of meds.  As I mentioned, I shot an interview with Amber, but decided that I wanted to depart from the interview-style video and just show Brandston's infusion and let him narrate it.  It is a portrait of his life that gives a good overview of how having hemophilia impacts his life in his (every-other-) daily routine.