Some Production and Post-Production Tips

Here are a few tips I have made note of from my wonderful textbook for 304 (studio video production):
Shooting video:
-Zoom slowly
-Zooming in to a close-up shot reates/increases tension
-Zooming out releases tension
-Zooming in/out: the event seems to move toward/away from the viewer
-Dollying in/out: the viewer seems to move toward/away from the event
-add object(s) to foreground to increase the depth of field to the z-axis
-adjust focus to emphasize subject
-be aware of vectors (graphic, index and motion)

Shooting outdoors:
-overcast/fog act as diffuser to provide good lighting
(in bright sunlight)
-use a diffuser (white foamboard or crinkled tinfoil) as reflector to reduce shadow intensity or as a backlight to separate subject from background

Shooting indoors:
-windows generate outside light (a different intensity than indoor lighting)
-to compensate, add a light-blue gel to the indoor light to help match the lighting
-keep window out of shot (use as backlight by keeping it off camera to side of subject)

Editing (Intensifying an event):
-Cross the vector line
-Use jump cuts
-Use soundtrack (faster beats and louder volume at tense moments...)

I think the zoom/dolly notes and lighting tips are most practical. I know some people have not taken 304 or it has been a long time, so I hope this helps.